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Subject: Why U need AN AFFAIR !!
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needfrds 20.12.09 - 05:33pm
Hey IN D complexity of d RELATION(cheerz) n FAST lyf HYGH expectation n LOW tolerencecrazy3.GIF tel me WHY 1nt lookin for AN affair..SOreading.GIFur mind3hearts.GIFput hand On ur heart n ANSlove2.GIF WHY u N wat FOR u THINK u need AN affair...or JUSTIFY an AFFAIR is d VIRUS of Mordenazationthinking2.GIF *

krack 24.12.09 - 02:10pm
thinking.GIF i dnt understand wt u wana ask? lol.GIF *

shazza6 8.07.17 - 02:47am
shouldnt need to have affair one person should be all one needs!i hate cheaters n liers who cheat on there partners angry.GIF *

ladyluck 30.03.18 - 11:41am
There are many reasons why people have affairs.I wont justify any.We all are unique and special in many ways.Our opinions shouldnt matter to the next person,but i do hope whoever cares to elaborate on this topic shouldnt hurt the ones who are actually having *AFFAIRS* *

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